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At Auto Sunshades, we offer the most sought-after Chrysler sunshades with free shipping within the continental United States. These do justice to your vehicle’s interior when properly installed. These multi-purpose sunshades help keep your car cool in the summer, warmer in the winter and also helps avert frost build-up. They offer some great advantages, as well.


Benefits of our Chrysler Sunshades

  • Lower the interior temperature of the car
  • Save car seats from premature fading
  • Decorative car accessory, one of the best add-ons for your car
  • Help protect car gadgets from heat
  • Made in the USA


Chrysler Sunshades Details

  • Similar to classic sun shades but thinner
  •  Available in a range of colors, including silver, and black
  •  Easy to store and carry
  • Significantly reduce the temperature of the vehicle's dashboard
  • More effective at keeping your car cool than most other car sun shades
  • Custom-fit for your vehicle brand and model
  • Reflects 99% of sunlight coming through the windshield
  • Designed with cut-outs for rearview mirrors and sensors including factory-installed rain sensors or cameras
  • Lifetime warranty