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Luxury Folding Shade

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  • Best Seller! Our Top Shade!:The Luxury Folding Shade is our top selling sunshade. It's the thickest shade and best material

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Our Best Shade is this Luxury folding sunshade by IntroTech. The Reflector shade is the thickest and is made of the highest quality materials.

  • The absolute, ultimate automotive sunshade!
  • Return to a cooler parked vehicle, including steering wheel, gearshift and seats.
  • Hi-tech, incredibly reflective mylar and multi-layered heat barrier materials can prevent heat buildup by as much as forty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Designed to fit the inside of your specific vehicle's windshield.
  • Prevents ugly, costly dashboard cracks and fading.
  • Unfolds and installs in seconds... stores in it's own leatherette storage bag.
  • Finished with a non-abrasive velour binding.
  • Over 2,600 custom patterns are available for cars, pickups, sport-utilities, minivans and vans.
  • REVERSIBLE FOR WINTER USAGE! - the Ultimate REFLECTOR Custom Folding Auto Shade when reversed, acts like a thermal blanket. The graphite protective felt, makes it reversible for winter use.
  • Lifetime Warranty

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